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IMA's release: now again for the first time is available from these sources:

CD - $7.00 including shipping to U.S.

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Original 1980 Limited Edition

FlexiDisc EP: $49.99

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Dark Entries 12" Vinyl Re-issue

Contains 4 tracks from original Flex-Disk plus an aditional 9 unreleased. This CD was released in 2008.

Here's another electronic band, this one hails from New York and proves that you don't have to cross the Atlantic to hear good synthesizer music. Four tunes feature Don Hunerberg's synthesizer playing and Andy Blinx's Percussion, augmented by some additional keyboards and guitars. The disc peaks with “Battery Life”, the closing cut on the superior B Side. If you think Gary Numan is great, buy this record and think again!

David Shaw 1982

Boomkat Product Review:

Caught in flux between proto-EBM and New Wave/NDW jerkiness, Andy Blinx and Don Hünerberg’s short-lived but vital unit effectively specialised in their own form of industrial disco under the name Intense Molecular Activity between 1979-1981.

Blinx drummed and Hünerberg did the synths and noise on their sole release proper, an 8” flexi-disc which features as tracks 1-4, or side A on this new reissue. It’s perhaps best known, or recognised for the clattering, angular lead track Blurb, which provided core sample to Keep On Waiting from DJ Hell’s NY Muscle album, and also features some supreme porto-techno styles recalling Visage’s Frequency 7 in  he likes of Points In Space and Just Testing, while the cavernous Blinxong comes off like a cut from Basquiat’s Gray EP beefed up by Kraftwerk - seriously!

The other tracks are bob-on, too. Beat Street is a proper dancefloor rocket - like some mad template for disco-metal alloys - while Battery Life unleashes a proper charge of percussion and processed vox shades away from Craig Leon’s Nommos, and The Look hits a wicked stride of militant snares and glancing, dissonant electronic stabs.

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